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Pay Per Click & Google Adwords

Through Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and paid advertising we can increase the visibility of your website in search engine results thereby improving traffic to your website.

Google AdWords is the most extensive and widely used paid search platform. OMG is a Google-certified Search Engine Marketing expert and a certified Google Partner.

Search Engine Marketing & Google Adwords Campaigns

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Paid Advertising that Works

We set up and manage specific and personalized Search Engine Marketing campaigns with the goal of maximizing return on investment. A typical SEM campaign involves research, campaign setup, monitoring and optimizing for return on investment.

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  • Increase the visibility of your website in search engine results pages and see your ads at the top of the page when users search targeted keywords
  • With relevant content placed at the right time, Search Engine Marketing can increase conversions, leads and sales
  • Search Engine Marketing is proven to be one of the most cost effective ways to reach your target audience when they are ready to purchase your product
  • 100% measurable which allows return on investment to be easily calculated
  • Through proper management and monitoring, strategies can be adapted and optimized to maximize ROI

To maximize traffic from paid advertising into verifiable sales and leads, we recommend a strategy that includes highly optimized landing pages to ensure your audience is directed to the most relevant and conversion ready page layout and content.

By combining Search Engine Marketing with Search Engine Optimization we can improve the visibility of your ads as well as increase organic website traffic. This is achieved through the combination of well placed ads and search results both appearing high up in a Google search.

Would you like to increase traffic to your website? Paid advertising is the way to go!

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